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The Disco Dancing Cat Fight


Filipina OCW work hard, usually 10 to 12 hours a day 6 days a week.  Sometimes they are abused (another story) by their Chinese employers and often they are verbally demeaned by them.  Many Chinese (Japanese even worse) treat Filipino like sub-human race.  Well, after such hard life many Filipina go to Disco to release pent-up feelings, stress and just to have some fun in life.  Since almost all have early curfew imposed upon them by Chinese there are certain Discos that cater to Filipina workers by opening Sunday afternoons.  So, you enter, what looks like on outside a closed building since we all arrive by train and bus, to find a packed, rocking party!  Some discos play older music for tango, cha-cha, waltz, etc. and some play pop – rock and some play everything.

The Disco I like best is actually very conservative and mostly plays older music – many love songs like those by Backstreet Boys and Celine Dion and Big Band tunes.  So, this story is not about bar girl fighters or street  Rose, Myself & Donna at another Disco in Hong Kong.  Not same Disco where fight was and these are NOT catfight girls.  They my friends.fighters but nice conservative girls in nice place that lose control.  Many of the girls and men, mostly British in this particular dance club, you see almost every time you go.  So, you naturally make friendships over time.  I very much enjoy talking and dancing with the Brits as they are mature, courteous, gentlemen – usually.  I not want to use real names so I make-up names but these very real people, OK?

I have seen Marla dancing here many times and even have conversation with her several times.  She is as sweet as she is cute like Filipina Barbie doll.  Marla is very petite at only 4’10" and must weigh less than 90 pounds.  She of Malay blood with perfect clear brown skin, long shinny jet black hair that flows down below her the hem of the short skirt she wear that day.  My Brit friend John always break contact with my eyes when she walk by so he can see "her hair slap her butt" as she prances across the floor.  Since she soooooo short she tries to take looooong steps and this causes her hair to fall behind then catch up to her body like a whip motion.  John just goes wacky whenever Marla goes by.  I believe, in his imagination, he sees her across his lap with his hand doing the slapping against her butt. hehehe  The Brits seem to have a popular fetish with spanking girls, especially when they look very, very young like Marla.

Marla tell me before that she just come to Hong Kong from Davao area in Spring of 2000 and she had to wait to  get work visa because she was too young.  So, I say she age of 18 but look (see pic at left below) much younger because of her size and because she have such bright kid eyes, plus she has one of those innocent smiles that light up her whole face.  Also, she not use makeup and has full eyebrows like kid instead of tweeze thin like women do.  She not wear lipstick but her lips very full and show very seXy without lipstick. (Men say my lips like that but I do wear a little lipstick when I go to town.  Marla said  she is sending me her recent pics to post on my website)

Marla always wears conservative, loose fitting skirts and blouses so I always just think she very slim body girl; until this day that is.  I did know she had pretty legs like dancers with soft feminine look but still see muscles in calves and thigh when she dance and her skirt swings.  This day she was wearing a shorter skirt than usual but it still lose fit.  Little did John know as he watched her hair bounce around; he was about to get an eye full of a very, very spankable bottom.

Marla had been dancing with a very handsome Chinese boy that I see her with several times before.  I guess she was serious about this guy.  My experience and many friends experience withOnly picture Marla give me.  She is girl on left.  If I get better picture I will put on my site for you to see as she very cute girl. Chinese guys as they say what girl want to hear to get her to love him to get sex with girl then go to next girl, so I not know if this guy as serious with Marla as she with him.  You decide from what happens, OK?

I guess you figure out Marla is about to get into it big time and I believe for her 1st time ever.  The other woman I have noticed in disco before but never met and I think I try not to meet in future either!  I only know her name from time I heard it screamed but I even protect her privacy and just call her, Claudine.  I ashamed to say I have watched Claudine dance on several occasions.  She is one of the sexiest dancers ever I see in any club.  I also saw her in beauty pageant I was in a year ago but she drop out before finals and I never met in person, only as part of group.  No, I not win pageant but was lucky enough to be chosen runner-up.

She reminds me of Madonna in her earlier music videos.  In fact, I think Claudine tries to copy Madonna in looks, clothes and dance moments.  She is Eurasian from Philippines but could pass for European woman, especially now that she makes her hair blonde.  She is taller than I and much heavier; I guess maybe 5’7" and over 130 pounds.  She not fat at all, in fact, she have small waist but large bosom and wide hips.  Her hair is like mine, curly and long to middle of back but now blonde in color from bottle.  I only see kind of pants she wear once before.  They rayon stretchy fabric dyed with demon print to look like jeans but even pockets are just print.  They thin and tight like second skin.Rose, Myself & Donna at another Disco in Hong Kong.  Not same Disco where fight was and these are NOT catfight girls.  They my friends.

Let me describe them this way; you can see the muscles of her legs and every movement of her butt cheeks when she walks and what a sight to see when she dances.  Her checks firm but jiggle and put on quite a show.  The pants are short leaving ankles bare which makes the black strapped high heal shoes look even taller than they are.  Of course, this makes her look like 5’10" tall and easy to spot in a crowd.  Guys, I save you best part of her clothing for last.  Remember, Madonna’s Like a Virgin video where she were black strapless corset top.  Remember when she strut danced across the stage her breast almost jiggled out of top.  Well, that was look of Claudine in this outfit except it was shorter leaving her belly button to show and a little of abdomen muscle.  Not six-pack but she definitely very fit.

Can you visualize big difference between demure Marla and almost amazon Claudine?  Now consider the difference in personality between very shy Marla and Claudine the showoff vamp.

Marla and her guy had been dancing very close during love songs.  He had to lean over because of difference in height but somehow they seem to fit.  Claudine had been dancing with a tall Brit every time I noticed her.  I guess he said something to her because she seemed very upset and after maybe their third argument in one hour, he left.  She stayed and a tall, muscled Chinese guy bought her drinks while they talked in a booth.  A love song was playing that I guess meant something special to her because she got angry and pushed the guy out of the booth.

We looked toward her when she yelled at the guy that she didn’t want him and she could have any man she wanted.  The booth was at the edge of the dance floor so when she got up she was right where the dancers were.  As Marla and her boyfriend danced by she grabbed Marla by the arm and said, "get lost bitch."  Marla was stunned and took her a minute to see what had just happened.  Claudine was trying to dance with her boyfriend and so Marla said excuse me, you can’t just but in like that, its not ..."WACK" ... Claudine had hit Marla in mid sentence.

Little Marla went flying backward finally losing her footing and fell on her back with her legs up in the air like a back flip that got stuck in mid flip.  Her body weight was on her shoulders and neck and her feet went almost straight up.  It seemed like she was frozen like that for such a long, embarrassing long time, because her lose skirt was now covering her blouse and her bare legs were showing all the way up, err down to her panties.  Surprise to all – Marla was wearing thong panties and she not have skinny bottom; she had shapely butt like small version of Jennifer Lopez.  And there it was for all to see and all were looking, that’s for sure.  Of course, in real time it was just a few seconds.

And just as fast, she flew back across the room and jumped on Claudine’s back.  The impact pushed her against Marla’s boyfriend knocking him down into the crowd who had all suddenly stopped dancing.  All stopped except for Claudine.  She was spinning around trying to get the monkey off her back, but Marla had her feet around Claudine’s waist and was holding on with one hand across Claudine’s face and the other buried in her hair.  Both girls were screaming %#@% and just kept spinning.  Then as Claudine tried to undo Marla’s feet and Marla tried to re-cross them, Marla’s high heal got caught in Claudine’s corset top pulling it down.  With her face covered, Claudine did not know her breasts were now fully exposed.  They were bouncing wildly as the girls kept spinning round & round & round & round.

Everyone was in total shock at what was happening … just frozen wherever they were standing with every eye focused on the screaming – spinning girls.  Just then Marla lost her grip and fell upside-down hanging by her legs still firmly around Claudine’s waist.  Marla’s long hair was dusting the floor and hitting against those standing too close to the spinning girls.  Marla’s loose skirt was hanging down again but even more as its clasp had broken loose.  You now could see even the tops of her panties and her belly too.  At least no one could see her naked bottom, as the girls were butt-to-butt spinning around the dance floor.

Then I saw the shock on Claudine’s face as she finally realized she was topless for all to view.  She even stopped spinning as she tried to cover her titties with her hands.  When the spinning stopped Marla tried to upright herself by climbing up Claudine’s back.  Her hands looking for something to grip found the waistband of Claudine’s pants.  As she pulled instead of her going up the pants came down!

Claudine had to forget about her breasts to try to pull her pants back up as she was now naked from her mid thighs up except for a band of black cloth twisted around her waist which was all that was left of her corset top.  If she was wearing panties they came down with the pants and must have been black or dark blue because I only saw flesh and hair.  Her big breasts were really dancing now as Claudine was bouncing around in a panic.  Poor Marla was still upside down hanging on for her life.  I think Claudine was trying to make a mad dash for the ladies’ room when the BIG HURT happen.

As she turned she stepped on Marla’s hair lying on the floor and at the same time Marla had grabbed Claudine’s hair to try to pull herself up.  I have never, never heard screams of such horror.  The pain was too much and the big Claudine fell backward as, in pain, Marla pulled Claudine’s hair so hard her face was looking at the ceiling and her balance was lost.  I do not know have to describe such fall: First to hit hard dance floor was Marla’s face and even worse was, as it hit it was pulled on floor by her hair, as her hair was tangled in Claudine’s shoe and her feet were sliding away as she fell; Next was poor Marla’s pelvic bone (ouch) as her body was all bent backward with her legs still wrapped around Claudine’s waist;  Last was the "thud" that was heard as Claudine’s head hit floor.  It was deafening.  I know we all thought it burst open.

Thank God both girls survive.  Marla crawled out from under the unconscious Claudine but she was in too much pain to feel victorious.  A jacket quickly covered Claudine’s near naked body as help was called.  This fight happened several months ago.  I still see Marla and she cute as ever.  Claudine I never see again but hear she is OK.  I guess her thick hair cushion the fall to save her.

End of 1st Story

  SeXy Filipina Girl Cat-fight Stories

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