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Let me share now my 2nd story; "The Tumbling Filipina Cat-Fight"



The Tumbling Filipina Cat Fight



Education is very, very important to the Filipino family.  Dorm is front - left center of white buildings,




    I attended college in a mountainous area of the Philippines.  I feel I shouldn't mention name but here is picture of college - the many light colored buildings make up the campus as it large school, yes?  The Philippines are really just mountain tops protruding from the ocean to form thousands of islands so there are many mountains in Philippines and many things built on side of hills like this.  This is common story to many as it all about jealousy that go out of control.  Yes, Filipina are known for feelings of jealousy (like ALL women).  I think it because many feel insecure and have fears their man will leave or be unfaithful.  Unfaithful man is very, very common here so fear is real.  This is why you read in many pen-pal bios that girl seeks "one woman man" or you see faithful at top of list as she describe man she desires.  Not handsome, not rich, faithful! 



This story is about Menche and Jocelyn who have been college roommates for two years. See photo of their dorm below. Notice how it is Which floor would you call the "main floor" of this dorm?  Menche & Jocelyn shared room on 2nd floor from the roof. hehehebuilt on the side of a hill.  They had become very close friends even though they were quite different in interests and personality.  Jocelyn was very shy and only spoke freely to close friends.  She liked Menche because she could tell her everything - well "everything except one little secret!  Well, let's keep it a secret until later in the story.  They were both very pretty.  They both had that perfect mix of Malay and Spanish you see in movie stars like Tia Carrere and Miss Universe winners like Miss Miriam Quiambao (1999 1st runner-up).  



Menche was much taller and enjoyed sports.  She even taught a skating class.  She was very strong and athletic and one year she was captain Menche is very atheletic and helpful too.  She taught a skating class.  Who wouldn't follow such a friendly smile.of the volleyball team I played on.  She was best player on team except when she lose her temper sometimes she then go out of control.  I glad we on same team and always get along.  She was same height as me at 5'5" but her hair was straight and only shoulder length.  She had beautiful eyes but sometimes hard to tell as she had to wear glasses all the time. She also very smart and not have to study hard like me and Jocelyn.  This gave Menche time to date and she was very proud of her handsome boyfriend Tony.





Menche and Tony had been steady couple for whole time I know her. Tony very funny guy that also good student and even President of Senior class.  Menche . . . . . . . . . . Tony . . . . . . . . . . JocelynHe and Menche always together.  Since Jocelyn so shy and always studying she rarely date. So Menche and Tony often took her with them to swim, shop, and movie.  You usually see the three of them sitting together around school. See picture.  That Menche on Tony's right (with glasses) and Jocelyn on his left.  I guess Menche no notice Jocelyn touching Toney's shoulder with her chin.  Her secret hid behind her beautiful smile. Ok, so let me tell you what you want to know!  I see both girls in shower.  Menche many times since we on same sport team.   Both girls have body as seXy as their smiles.  Many Filipina have soft tummy but not these two.  You can see Menche's "six pack" stomach muscles very clear and while her hips are small and her waist was straight like boy she have very nice curve to both her bottom and top too!  Her shin is flawless medium brown with only one small scar on right leg from sport injury in freshman year.  She have almost no hair on body at all, just a little in her private spot.

Jocelyn is one of those lucky, right genes, girls who always look perfect in their jeans, no matter what she eat and she rarely exercise.  She not play sports but she OK in gym class and she excellent swimmer.  She have wide hips for Filipina and a tiny waist giving her hourglass figure like movie star.  She also have breasts that look much bigger without clothes and perfect shape t@@   As you can see in photo above, Jocelyn have gorgeous long shinny hair and her body hair in just right place.  I not sure of her height and weight but she maybe 5'1" and 95 to 100 pounds in weight. When she she get dressed-up to go out she one of prettiest girls in whole college.  She usually wear loose modest clothing so few realize she have such good body shape.



As you probably know, we like to dress up for parties and formal event like senior dance.  Well, as Spring of Senior year arrive so does very important dance at college.  Menche and Tony had always planned to go and even take dance class together just so they could show-off a little.  Show-off on dance floor great fun (my specialty;-) and they had made others stop and watch at earlier dance they soooooo graceful and seXy dancing together.   So, Menche was very upset when she had to leave college just before big dance to go home to take care of sick mother.  Since Menche could not attend dance, Jocelyn ask if she could accompany Tony.  Menche said to her friend sure, "take good care of him for me."  Tony and Jocelyn sure made a lovely looking couple at dance and everyone noticed them.  They didn't do show-off dancing but they sure danced close during love songs.  There were many rumors but I just thought it was only the gossips doing what comes natural to them.  I couldn't imagine Tony or Jocelyn either one being unfaithful to their closest friend Menche.


Click on photo for full picture of all couplesIt was this picture taken at the dance that gave credibility to the rumors.  Someone had cut out just that part showing Jocelyn sitting on Tony's lap and they definitely looked like lovers, and poor Menche thought the worst had happened.  Betrayal by her most trusted girlfriend and her lover Tony :-(   To see whole picture with many attractive couples click here.   Menche tried to call but never caught Tony in and Jocelyn who before was always in room studying never answered either.  This made Menche's imagination run wild.  She dream of her friend naked together with Tony making love and laughing at her picture beside the bed as they scream with orgasm.  By the time Menche return to campus her hurt had turned into rage.  She got off bus in front of dorm.  As she walked up the stairs to the main level she noticed Jocelyn down by eating area below the dorm building.  She was talking and laughing with another girl that live on same floor in dorm.  Menche stopped and drop her bags and turn back down the steps.  Her eyes were blurred with tears before she reached the ground and turned toward her former friend who was focused on her conversation.  As Menche walked toward them her pace quickened and she was at a full run as she slammed into the back of Jocelyn.  Poor Jocelyn didn't know what hit her as she was pushed to the ground next to a bench.  A lot of this story I got from conversations but this part I see as I was walking up the hill returning from a class.  I stood about where the photographer stood while taking the picture below of our hillside eating / study area shown below.   Too far away to help but close enough to see everything.


Study tables & benches built on hillside behind dorm were very popular on nice days.

As Jocelyn turned over Menche was diving toward her.  She raised her legs in time to catch Menche with her feet to cause her to go flying over the bench.  I had never knew of Jocelyn taking martial arts but her reflexes were so fast and smooth she must have had training at some time.  The arm of Menche's T-shirt had caught on the corner on the bench ripping it open to expose a white bra underneath.  Menche rolled out of the fall and was back on her feet instantly just like something of of a movie like the Matrix.  Not totally defying gravity, just smooth and quick.  Menche was leaping back across the bench as Jocelyn was getting to her feet.  Menche grabbed Jocelyn's hair and spun her around.  As she came face to face with the fiery eyed Menche, Jocelyn screamed with pain, confusion and horror.  The scream ended when she received a hard slap across the face as Menche cursed her as a traitor.  Jocelyn grabbed Menche's exposed bra and pulled.  Menche pushed her away causing the elastic of the bra to be stretched near the breaking point.  Jocelyn released and in the split second the bra took to return to make a loud pop, Menche's face showed she recognized what was about to happen but was helpless to stop it.  As she screamed in pain from her tits catching the force of the bra hitting them.  She staggered backward, the back of her knees hitting against the low bench.  This cause her to fall backwards over the bench she so gracefully jumped a moment before.  Her feet flew into the air, her lose skirt falling down revealing her athletic legs and her white cotton panties.  As she was trying to grip the bench to pull herself up. Jocelyn hit her hard with her fist, right in the white (between her legs).  So, within the span of a few seconds the most personal places on her young body had been viciously assaulted.  Jocelyn said, "Menche, what's going on - are you on drugs?"  Menche'ss answer was a kick that just missed Jocelyn's beautiful face.  An inch to the right and she may have lost much of her beauty as Menche put her strong leg muscles into that kick.  Jocelyn turned back toward the dorm and said, "this is ridicules, I'm leaving.  

But, Menche was far from through.  She caught up as Jocelyn was passing the last table near the top of the hill.   Jocelyn's beautiful long hair was once again used against her as Menche pulled her backward.  Tripping over a tree root Jocelyn loses her balance and starts to tumble out of control down the hill.  I screamed as I just knew she would hit her head on a bench or table and be injured badly!  I then knew for sure what the phrase "head over heels" meant.  The lose fitting skirts sanctioned by the university may be modest while you walk or sit but they not make for "tumbling."  Jocelyn was wearing bikini panties which were uncommon at that time.  Modest, shy Jocelyn in white with light blue lace BIKINI panties.   WOW, who would have thought!  But now, ALL knew as head-up she's covered - heels-up she is NOT!  Instead of being concerned for her safety the guys started whistling at her sexy legs and bottom.  I was so relieved when her head missed the base of a trash container and her flipping body instead collided with a small flexible tree.  That miraculously  stopped her tumble without serious injury.  She was more disoriented than a Pinoy drunk on Saturday night, however, from her dizzying tumble down at least 25 yards of the hill.  


Watching Menche run down hill reminded me how I always had felt it was easier to run uphill than down.  Downhill is such high-impact motion with each step having to brace a much greater effective body weight.  This really was evidenced by Menche's exposed boobs bouncing with each step, her t-shirt was ripped totally open in the front and the elastic of her bra was ruined allowing her nipples to show above her sagging bra with each impact of her This give idea of action but is still from catfight video from my friends Mike's website. downhill run.  This was not missed by the other students who had stopped their studies to watch two of the most beautiful girls at school literally rip into each other.  As Jocelyn reached her feet she caught a hard right hand into her stomach area with the added force of Menche's still downhill-in-motion body.  She doubled over in pain but lucked out as Menche couldn't stop in time to connect with an uppercut she tried to throw.   By the time she got stopped and turned back up the hill Jocelyn was standing again and caught her instead with a solid slap across the face knocking Menche's glasses totally off her face.  As Menche was recovering from the slap Jocelyn grabbed her exposed bra again but this time as she pulled it came off  leaving Menche's seXy titties bare for all to see.  Maybe it was worth it as Jocelyn wobbled backwards from her own body momentum from pulling so hard expecting the bra to hold as it did before.  Menche took full advantage of this to grab the front of Jocelyn's white blouse ripping it open, buttons flying everywhere.   But, as she was seeking tittie revenge Jocelyn clawed at Menche's chest leaving red welts across her tits from Jocelyn's sharp fingernails.  


This enraged Menche and she hit Jocelyn in the nose with her fist as Jocelyn was hitting / slapping back.  All I could see was arms flying, up/down - left/right and then they stopped as Menche grabbed them, and the slapping match instantly turned into a wrestling match.  Their arms interlocked as they circled like in a ring.  Menche's breasts showing to all but she seem to not even be aware of her nudity.   Eventually Menche's greater strength wins out and she gets Jocelyn in a head lock.  Jocelyn is turning blue and watchers start toward the girls to save her.  But before anyone reaches them on the hard to cross terrain, Menche reaches down with one hand to tear Jocelyn's bra.  She wanted the shy girl to feel the embarrassment of having her breasts shown to the approaching boys.  The one arm is not enough to maintain her hold around Jocelyn's neck, however, and Jocelyn breaks the hold.  But, as she spins away Menche keeps her hold on Jocelyn's bra causing it to twist around her body succeeding  in baring her opponents tits for ALL to see anyway!  


Jocelyn is pushing Menche away but as as Menche loses her "bra grip" Jocelyn again falls backward down the hill.  A tumbling she goes, tities flying, skirts flying baring legs and  most of her butt is revealed by the bikini panties as she falls heels over head.  This tumble was not as long This give idea of action but is still from catfight video from my friends Mike's website.  E-mail me for video info. or fast as the steeper one earlier and her fall stops against a tree just below the table built around it.  As she gets up embarrassed and scratched but still not injured badly, here comes Menche with a body block an American pulling guard would be proud of, and again Jocelyn the "tumbling Filipina" knows she is in a serious catfight.  She just doesn't know why?  She almost catches her balance before she reaches the last tree-table but can't and falls against it lying across the table, her head almost hitting the tree.  Then it happens!  All those years of caring, of protecting, of brushing and washing and conditioning, only to have her beautiful long hair join her enemy in defeating her.  Her hair which fell between the table and the tree gets caught between the table's planks as she tries to get up.  She screams in a panic as she wiggles side to side her upper body on it's back atop the table.  Her titties bouncing left, then right, then left again in her struggle to get free before Menche works her way down the hill and surely take full advantage of her helpless situation.  The guys eyes bug out at the seXy site of the half nude girl, more beautiful than the Playboy centerfold hid under their bed; and REAL; right in front of their eyes - doing a titty shake just for them it would seem.   Two boys loose their footing and fall down the hill while others couldn't be moved by a carabo.  


H~e~r~e's Menche, her eyes wild and her emotions totally out of control.  As she came down the hill she turned her t-shirt around to try to cover her own breasts, but it was just hanging and you could easily see them from either side.  In fact since her breasts naturally faced slightly to the sides, her torn T made them look even bigger and more desirable - right guys?  As she reaches Jocelyn, she grabs the hem of Jocelyn's skirt and pulls it up over Jocelyn's face.  The good news is: Jocelyn's titties are now covered; bad news is, Menche rips the bikini panties completely off.  Yes, that almost hairless kitty Cat (that is why you call them "cat" fights, right?) was showing for the guys to see, so close I bet they thought they could _____ it. (you fill in the blank;-)   Too bad they didn't have cameras because the show was quickly over when Menche pulled the skirt back down but only after she feed a fist sandwich to Jocelyn's face right through her skirt.  Once her face was uncovered Jocelyn received several quick slaps as Menche used both hands.  Jocelyn's hair was still caught and the punch plus the slaps took a lot of the fight out of her.  Menche was focused on returning "tit for tit" (err tat) as she positioned Jocelyn's bra just so.  She turned it so the metal clasp was directly over Jocelyn's left nipple.  Then she pulled the bra strap as far back as she could, stretching the elastic to its limit. Stopping only to slap Jocelyn's hands out of the way.  As she released it to do it's devil's work, she yelled; "take that you bitch traitor"  


SeXy Filipina Girl Cat-fight Stories

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