SeXy Filipina Girl Cat-fight Story 2  Pictures

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Miriam  Quiambao

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Without make-up and fancy dresses Miriam look like many Filipina beauty.  Remember this as you look at photos of my friends on . . they really look much better than snapshots posted.

Miriam  with sister


Do you believe she would have won if she hadn't tripped.  Still, 1st Runner-up in Miss Universe is G~R~E~A~T   Hummmm, we have same bust and waist size and my hips one inch smaller, so why I not look like that?

1999 Miss Universe Pagaent


Tia Carrere,  Movie Star

Photo from College Dance   (Tony & Jocelyn in center)

"True Lies" openning dance scene with Tia & Arnold is one of my favorite ever.

Don't we look good dressed up?  Do you see skinny me?  My curly hair give me away?

I now can see Tia's TV series "Relic Hunter" . . . It's seXy & eXciting!!  My kind of a teacher!



SeXy Filipina Girl Cat-fight Story 2 Pictures

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