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The Up Hill Battle Filipina Cat Fight


The  Players

Menche . . . . . . . . . . Tony . . . . . . . . . . Jocelyn Aileen . . . . the "BuTT" GirL

Menche                    Tony               Jocelyn


If you have not read "Story 2" read it 1st as this is sequel to "The Tumbling Filipina Catfight" and starts at instant "Story 2" ends, OK?




Study tables & benches built on hillside behind dorm were very popular on nice days.
Menche showed no shame as she climbed up the hill passing dozens of students staring at her nakedness.  But inside she hurt to the bone.  She knew she would have to leave school: Leave without her boyfriend; Leave without her best friend; Leave without her dignity; But leave with respect.  Respect must comfort her now.  She avenged her dishonor and she knew Jocelyn would never be able to face their fellow students after this day. And that knowledge comforted her now as she tried to hold her T-shirt together to cover her young titties from the stares of the guys as she pushed her way by them.  The hill up to the dorm was never steeper or longer!  If she could just make it to the privacy of her dorm room.

She was thankful everyone looked fuzzy without her glasses and gave the scene a surreal look; maybe it all had just been a dream.  NOT!   The pain she felt was real enough.  AND, the screams she heard from down the hill were real & loud.  Jocelyn had been screaming continuously since Menche let the metal clasp of Jocelyn's bra snap to its target.

When she finally reached a level spot she turned and victory cleared her eyes to see that Jocelyn was still thrashing around on top of the picnic table.  Her long hair still caught between the boards and even those around her that were interested in helping her, instead of goggling at her nakedness, were afraid of getting hit by her kicking feet.  And the LQQKers were seeing the show of their lives.  (Remember, seeing a girl in a bikini was rare here much less seeing everything of the most beautiful girl in school.)  I am sure Jocelyn was out-of-her-mind with humiliation, pain & frustration.  She could not have realized the pussy show she was giving by kicking her legs.  Her loose shirt had worked its way up across her hips and having had her panties torn completely off, there was no cover for her most private of places.  The girls teased that she must have trimmed it as her little Asian bush seemed too perfect in shape.

Jocelyn's hands were above her head frantically trying to free her hair.  Even though she had pulled her torn shirt together earlier it had opened again with her body movement.  Her left nipple was bleeding from the hit by the metal clasp of her bra - Menche's last act of victory in their fight.  Not much blood but you could see it on her white blouse where it had covered her breasts a couple of minutes before.  As her body continued to struggle to get free, both of her breasts were dancing to the delight of the boys standing nearby.

Menche felt a feeling of satisfaction run through her veins as she watched her traitor X-best friend so humiliated.  As she turned to continue up the hill she felt a stinging pain - a
slap from out of nowhere.  Then there were more hands from behind her pulling at her skirt.  Then a harder slap.  Menche recognized the source of her new pain as the girl Jocelyn had been talking to when Menche first attacked.   She now realized her vicious attack on Jocelyn must have made her look like a maniac to Aileen, maybe to everyone.  Didn't they know?  Didn't they know her best friend betrayed her with her steady boyfriend Tony?  Tony, the man she hoped to marry someday; Her ever so handsome Tony.  Surely, everybody HAD to know, she thought.

Another hard slap across her already bruised face convinced her that Aileen didn't know.  As she swung toThis give idea of action but is still from catfight video from my friends Mike's website.  E-mail me for video info. strike back, a hard yank of her skirt made her miss her target.  Another hard tug and the skirt was gone, leaving Menche wearing only her torn T-shirt and dirty white panties.  She had gotten so much soil in them when she was This give idea of action but is still from catfight video from my friends Mike's website.on the ground earlier they look like she had shit-her-britches, how humiliating.  The humiliation hurt many times worse than little Aileen's slaps.  The one thing she reasoned she had left, "respect" was now gone.  The girl holding her skirt started running down the hill waving it high in the air declaring revenge for her classmate Jocelyn.  Unfortunately for Aileen, that left her to face the infuriated Menche - oops!

With no one tugging on supergirl's cape, the second blow didn't miss.  An "Oscar de" Aileen's spankable bottombloody-the-nose-right sent Aileen reeling backward.  In half a second Menche had caught up with her and grabbed her by her long ebony locks and slung her across a nearby table.  "You don't mind if I borrow your skirt" was heard as Menche removed Aileen's skirt to cover herself.  "This will teach you to interfere."  Menche started spanking the poor girl as she wShe wasn't smiling after Menche's finished.  ( Beware of Filipina with padded bra ;-)as held across the picnic table by Menche's left hand still entwined in Aileen's hair.  After a few stinging blows she pulled Aileen's powder white panties down to the screaming girls knees.  Now taking release on bare butt flesh, Menche used her volleyball spiking muscles to turn Aileen's butt Sun red. Aileen had a nicely rounded butt and it shook like tan Jell-O - make that red Jell-O - ouch! Menche would slap it from the meaty bottom and watch the waves go back and forth . then hit it again and again.  By the tenth smack, Aileen was sobbing with tears.  But Menche was just warming up ... SMACK . . . SMACK, harder & harder until Aileen's sobs became screams for mercy.  But Menche did not feel merciful right now, SMACK . . . SMACK  . . . SMACK on the screaming girls naked butt.  She left the humiliated girl crying on the table as she stood up and calmly put on the skirt.  Then she bent down and filled her hand with black volcanic soil, which she deposited into Aileen's panties and then pulled them back up so SHE looked like SHE had "shit-HER-britches!

At first Menche started up the hill but then turn toward Aileen once again, slapping her as she turned to stand up.  Then she unbuttoned the blouse to wear it also, but decided it was too bloody from the nose bleed, and too small as Aileen's flat chest came into view. 

 No bra . . . no need!

Just as Menche turned to leave, Aileen called her a "psycho bitch."  Not a smart move for the little Aileen.  At 4'11" and maybe 85 pounds Aileen looked more like a girl of twelve than a woman of 19. Which floor would you call the "main floor" of this dorm?  Menche & Jocelyn shared room on 2nd floor from the roof. hehehe Menche simply scooped up Aileen by her upper arms held from behind and slowly did a 360 degree turn.  With her blouse open wide and no bra, Aileen's cute cone shaped nipples were displayed for ALL to see.  They were very dark brown and really stood out in contrast against the light smooth skin of her breast.   Some laughed at the flat-chested girl while others found her nips very seXy.  Then as soon as she sat Aileen down, she spun her around and grabbed her in a head lock. Again she turn around slowly so everyone could see Aileen's soiled panties, completing the poor girl's humiliation.   

Without further interruption, Menche climbed the steps leading to the dorm and away from the jeering crowd.  "Would she be arrested for assault," ran through her mind for the first time.  Would her future career as an attorney end today, a year before she even entered law school?


Still at the bottom of the hill, Jocelyn said in a raspy voice.  "You bitch, how could you do this?  Just wait until I catch-up with you!"



Coming next:     The  Squeaky  Clean  CatFight

Imagine a CatFight in the College Girls Dorm SHOWER . . . that's in NeXt story. _ _ _ stayed tuned!!!

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SeXy Filipina Girl Cat-fight Stories

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