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So, you like to see and hear about seXy Filipina girl cat-fights?  When Mike ask my friend to write about her experience she was very concerned you would get wrong impression of her as a person so she delay much time in writing this story.  She had visited his site Asian Connection thinking it a dating or introduction site to check on her competition for her matchmaker – introduction service Foreign  WOW, was she surprised to see Asian fight videos that he make.  Before she saw his video store, the 1st page she saw was his Bulletin Board and the 1st posting she read talked about poor English of Filipina girls.  So, she replied by posting why many Filipina not speak English well.  From that simple post some of Mike’s friends and site visitors follow link to her site and wrote some of her friends and sent nice compliments to her.  So, now she & I know how nice you are and how many good normal guys watch such wild cat-fight videos.  (By the way, they say Mike's Video #146 is great)   She confessed, she is a big fan of wrestling on TV so I guess this not soooooooo different ;-)  Several of the action pictures used to illustrate these stories are stills from Mike's catfight videos.  He has the best Asian Catfight video store on the internet.

When she return to Mike's  Bulletin Board and posted "thank you for writing my friends" message. Well, she mentioned about her Introduction site where she has dozens of pages of useable information and hundreds of Filipinas listed (most with photos).  And, she mentioned about good Yahoo Clubs a Filipina she admires created called  "Filipina Courtship Secrets" and "American – Filipina Courtship" so without consciously thinking about it, she had placed an ad right on Mike’s BB.  So, being a businessman and looking after his customers, Mike wrote her and say it only fair she write story about catfights from her experience for you his site visitors, and now I make new site for all to read her stories and more.

The first story I share with you is of a disco dancing cat-fight.  Later I with post about more wild fights but now let me start with this 1st story; "The Disco Dancing Cat-Fight"  Click HERE to begin first story.


  SeXy  Filipina   Girl   Cat-fight   Stories

 Home   Story 1   Story 2   Story 3 


If you like these stories let me know by sending comments to me at this special email address and I will get friends to write more in future.  If you nice guy please consider writing Filipina.  To learn more about Filipina courtship, check out this great directory.  Blessings,  Katherine



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